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Kellogg-Weaver Dunes
The Kellogg-Weaver Dunes are Part of the Great River Road Audio Tour

Kellogg-Weaver Dunes Minnesota Tourism Information

The Kellogg-Weaver Dunes near Kellogg, Minnesota are an area of rolling sand hills left by the last glacial advance. Located at the confluence of the Zumbro and Mississippi Rivers in Minnesota, the area is home to the largest population of endangered Blanding’s Turtles who thrive on the area’s calm, shallow waters with aquatic vegetation and sandy uplands for nesting. Watch out for Blanding’s Turtles on the road between the months of June and August as both mature females and their hatchlings make their journey back to the water during this time. Kellogg-Weaver Dunes is a Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) and is open to the public free of charge.   

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TOUR ROUTE: Starts north of Hastings, MN on Highway 61 and follows the Mississippi River to Winona, MN.

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Kellogg and Weaver Dunes

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