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Anderson Center - Red Wing, Minnesota
The Anderson Center is Part of the Great River Road Audio Tour

Anderson Center Minnesota Tourism Information

The Anderson Center is an arts center located in the town of Red Wing, MN and has been named one of the top artistic sites in the Upper Mississippi region by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. The Anderson Center in Red Wing is named for Alexander Pierce Anderson, a farmer and teacher who invented puffed cereal and patented its production process. Anderson bought back the family farm that was sold while he was in college and began rebuilding the site as a working farm. The Tower View complex, the most notable building on the site, was originally constructed to provide water for the entire estate, and in 1997 award winning restoration efforts of the entire Tower View Estate began and while they are still ongoing, the site looks magnificent and is worth a stop.

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TOUR ROUTE: Starts north of Hastings, MN on Highway 61 and follows the Mississippi River to Winona, MN.

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Anderson Center - Red Wing, MN

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