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Lost Forty White Pine Stand
The Lost Forty is Part of the Iron Range Audio Tour

Lost Forty Minnesota Tourism Information

The Lost Forty White Pine Stand is located in the Chippewa National Forest in northeast Minnesota. The Lost Forty is a rare example of virgin or “old growth” red and white pine forest that was untouched by the logging of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The reason the Lost Forty White Pine Stand is still here is due to a surveying error in 1882. For reasons unknown to historians, the surveyor Josiah King incorrectly mapped the area as a body of water, and it was subsequently missed by loggers. You can hike roughly a mile through the virgin forest, relive a time before logging ravaged the area and enjoy the stands of red and white pine, some of which are over 300 years old.

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TOUR ROUTE: Starts in Elk River, MN and follows Highway 169 north through beautiful timber forests and the Iron Range ending at Ely, MN.

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Lost Forty White Pine Stand

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This northern Minnesota tour guides you along Highway 169 from the Twin Cities metro area to Ely, MN by way of Minnesota’s beautiful timber forests and the Iron Range that provided so much of the iron ore that built our country. On this Minnesota scenic drive, you’ll hear about the Jaques Museum and pass by .... more ...