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Rum River
The Rum River is Part of the Iron Range Audio Tour

Rum River Minnesota Tourism Information

The Rum River, designated as a “wild and scenic river” by the DNR, begins in Lake Mille Lacs and ends at the Mississippi River in Anoka, MN. The Rum River was an often used route for travel among the Native Americans, and the upper valley of the Rum River contains some of the highest concentration of artifacts in the state, some as old as 3,000 years. The river has been called the Rum as far back as 1776, but the name has been seen as distasteful and over the years has been changed to the Anoka, the Temperance, the St. Francis and the Volstad in honor of the Minnesota legislator who introduced the bill that brought prohibition to the United States. Some things to see and do along the Rum River include visiting any of the three sections of the Rum River State Forest, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and white water rafting.

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TOUR ROUTE: Starts in Elk River, MN and follows Highway 169 north through beautiful timber forests and the Iron Range ending at Ely, MN.

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Rum River

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This northern Minnesota tour guides you along Highway 169 from the Twin Cities metro area to Ely, MN by way of Minnesota’s beautiful timber forests and the Iron Range that provided so much of the iron ore that built our country. On this Minnesota scenic drive, you’ll hear about the Jaques Museum and pass by .... more ...