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Grand Portage, Minnesota
Grand Portage Minnesota is part of the North Shore Audio Tour

Grand Portage Minnesota Tourism Information

Grand Portage State Park is home to Minnesota’s highest waterfall, over 120 feet. Grand Portage is located along the Pigeon River in MN near the Canadian border on the shores of Lake Superior. The park is home to the Grand Portage National Monument and Heritage Center, where visitors can have the history of early Native Americans and the fur trading era interpreted for them. The High Falls of Grand Portage required travelers to get out of their boats and carry them around the falls. This act is known as a “portage” and the inland Lake Superior bypass of the falls became known as the “Grand Portage”. While you're at Grand Portage State Park, you should choose one of several types of boat trips to Isle Royale on Lake Superior where you can take day trips and find lodging at Isle Royale National Park. You can find out more about these packages through Isle Royale Travel.

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TOUR ROUTE: Starts in the Twin Cities, heads through Duluth and along the Lake Superior shore in Minnesota

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Grand Portage, MN

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The North Shore of Lake Superior tour guides you as you travel up Interstate 35, through Duluth and along Highway 61 and the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior. On this Minnesota scenic drive, you'll learn about the milling industry of Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota on your way to Lake Superior. Once you reach Dulu.... more ...