The World’s Largest Hockey Stick – Eveleth, MN

 World's Largest Hockey Stick - Eveleth, Minnesota
World’s Largest Hockey Stick – Eveleth, Minnesota

A Proud Tradition

Minnesota is known as the “State of Hockey” because of its long-lived passion for the game, its adoring fans and the innumerable professional hockey players it has produced over the years. If Minnesota is the State of Hockey, then Eveleth, Minnesota is the “City of Hockey”. Eveleth was Minnesota’s first hockey powerhouse, producing more individual and team records than any team to date. Coached by the legendary Cliff Thompson from 1920 to 1958, Eveleth amassed an amazing record of 534-26-9, one that will certainly never be matched. During Thompson’s early years as coach, the team won four straight High School Hockey Championships, and set the two top all-time tournament scoring records that still stand today. Without question, the city of Eveleth has produced more quality hockey players than any city its size in the country.

Hockey Hall of Fame

One wouldn’t expect this kind of domination over the likes of metropolitan cities such as St. Paul, Edina and Duluth, from a town as small as Eveleth, which had 3,585 residents in 2009, and perhaps that’s what makes those years so special to hockey fans in Minnesota. To date, Eveleth has produced 13 players and one coach who have been inducted to the United States Hockey Hall of Fame, which is also located in Eveleth. Constructed in 1973, the US Hockey Hall of Fame celebrates the players, coaches and administrators that have contributed so much to the success of the sport in America.

World’s Largest Hockey Stick

It only seems right, then, that the city of Eveleth would be home to a hockey stick as big as its own hockey legacy. Measuring 110 feet and weighing over 10,000 pounds, the world’s largest hockey stick stands proudly on Eveleth’s Grant Avenue, the main street through town. The now defunct Christian Brothers manufacturing company created the enormous stick, as well as an appropriately sized giant puck.

There have actually been two hockey sticks in Eveleth’s city center. The first was erected in 1995, but was taken down in 2001 due to concerns about its structural integrity. The city of Eveleth determined that the most cost effective solution was to build an entirely new stick, and in 2002, they hoisted the “Big Stick” which you can visit today. While the old stick was a mere 7,000 pounds, the new version weighs 10,000 pounds, though it is only three feet longer than the original.

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