World’s Largest Boot – Red Wing, Minnesota

red wing boot

Murder and Betrayal at the Glensheen Mansion


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Glensheen Mansion Murders

Glensheen Mansion Murders – The Real Story

The Glensheen Mansion Murders Glensheen Mansion. Duluth, Minnesota… On the night of June 26th, 1977, an intruder entered the Glensheen Mansion from a billiard room window. Encountering the night nurse on the way to Elizabeth’s bedroom, the intruder threw the nurse down the stairs and then clubbed her to death with a candlestick. The intruder [...]

A Minnesota “Who Am I”?

Robert was a young man with big dreams; he just didn’t know where they would take him yet. He moved from his childhood home near Lake Superior to attend the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where his studies were more or less neglected. Robert was more interested in writing poems than he was with obtaining [...]

New Virtual World Tour Mobile App Launched

Stone River Media and Open Road Adventures is a joint venture that has begun development of mobile applications for Android devices. Their first mobile app is called “Virtual World Tour 3D“, and allows users to take a virtual tour of 46 of the world’s most beloved landmarks. Each landmark in the tour offers full interactive [...]

Princeton Minnesota History

Princeton Minnesota History Let’s begin with our Princeton Minnesota history at the beginning of European settlement. The first settler to move into the area of Princeton was a lumberjack named “Banjo Bill.” The town was officially settled in 1854 and named after John Prince, a local fur agent. Two years later the town got its [...]