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Gooseberry Falls State Park MN

Gooseberry Falls State Park MN The area known as Gooseberry Falls State Park MN is intricately tied to the human use of Lake Superior. At different times, the Cree, the Dakota, and the Ojibwa lived along the North Shore. As early as 1670, the Gooseberry River appeared on explorer maps. The river was either named [...]

Soudan Mine Tour on Minnesota’s Iron Range

Soudan Underground Mine State Park By Jeremy Kemp from The Soudan Mine tour takes place a half mile beneath the surface, where visitors ride tiny rail cars through tunnels where iron miners once toiled. | DNR photo by Deborah Rose Soudan Underground Mine State Park isn’t what most travelers expect when they think about a state park. [...]

Pipestone National Monument History

The Pipestone National Monument in Pipestone, Minnesota was and is a sacred site for local Native Americans. Pipestone Monument celebrates the ancient rock quarry that Native Americans have used for centuries to create ceremonial pipes. Pipestone itself, sometimes called Catlinite in honor of the American George Catlin who was the first white man to catalog [...]

Chippewa National Forest: The First Congressionally Mandated National Forest in America

Theodore Roosevelt and the Minnesota Federations of Women’s Club The Leach Lake Reservation is entirely contained with the Chippewa National Forest, which was the first such forest established to the east of the Mississippi River. Many factors were at play in Theodore Roosevelt’s decision to create the forest, but one played an especially important early [...]

5 Must See Places on Minnesota’s North Shore

5 Must See Places on Minnesota’s North Shore 5. Split Rock Lighthouse  First on the list of must see places on Minnesota’s North Shore is Split Rock Lighthouse, which is located on the shores of Lake Superior near the town of Two Harbors, MN, and is said to be “the most photographed lighthouse in America”. In [...]