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The Madeira: Lake Superior Shipwrecks

The Madeira: Lake Superior Shipwrecks No trip along the shores of Lake Superior would be complete without the harrowing tale of a Lake Superior shipwreck. Not much is known about the Madeira’s years in service, but two events in her life are recorded in maritime history: First, that she collided with the International Bridge at [...]

Gooseberry Falls State Park MN

Gooseberry Falls State Park MN The area known as Gooseberry Falls State Park MN is intricately tied to the human use of Lake Superior. At different times, the Cree, the Dakota, and the Ojibwa lived along the North Shore. As early as 1670, the Gooseberry River appeared on explorer maps. The river was either named [...]

Hastings, Minnesota: The Last City on the Mississippi

Hastings Minnesota Sign   Early History of Hastings Hastings is one of the oldest towns in Minnesota. It was established during the 1840s, and buildings from its early years still line Main Street. In fact, Hastings has more than 60 structures on the National Register of Historic Places. Its history extends even further back than [...]

The Many Names of Minnesota’s Rum River

The Rum River in Minnesota follows a lazy course from Lake Mille Lacs to the Mississippi River. For centuries it was a popular route for natives traveling between these two majestic bodies of water. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the upper valley of the Rum has one of the highest concentrations of [...]

Lake Pepin: From the French Crown to Henry David Thoreau

What is Lake Pepin? Lake Pepin is a 26 mile long naturally occurring lake on the Mississippi River that spans from Frontenac State Park to Wabasha, MN. Lake Pepin is the widest area along the entire length of the Mississippi River. The lake formed because of the backup of water behind sedimentary deposits from the [...]