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Princeton Minnesota History

Princeton Minnesota History Let’s begin with our Princeton Minnesota history at the beginning of European settlement. The first settler to move into the area of Princeton was a lumberjack named “Banjo Bill.” The town was officially settled in 1854 and named after John Prince, a local fur agent. Two years later the town got its [...]

Hastings, Minnesota: The Last City on the Mississippi

Hastings Minnesota Sign   Early History of Hastings Hastings is one of the oldest towns in Minnesota. It was established during the 1840s, and buildings from its early years still line Main Street. In fact, Hastings has more than 60 structures on the National Register of Historic Places. Its history extends even further back than [...]

The World’s Largest Hockey Stick – Eveleth, MN

  World’s Largest Hockey Stick – Eveleth, Minnesota A Proud Tradition Minnesota is known as the “State of Hockey” because of its long-lived passion for the game, its adoring fans and the innumerable professional hockey players it has produced over the years. If Minnesota is the State of Hockey, then Eveleth, Minnesota is the “City [...]

St. Paul, Minnesota’s Original Name… Pig’s Eye!

St. Paul’s original name was Pig’s Eye. This unflattering name was given to the area by Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant in 1838. Parrant built the area’s first structure, which he called the “whiskey seller’s cabin” at the mouth of a cave along the Mississippi River near present day downtown St. Paul. A retired fur trader [...]

Duluth, Minnesotas First Speeding Ticket

Before the invention of the automobile, the horse and buggy was the traditional means of transport for those with a little money in their pockets. This mode of transportation had its drawbacks, such as the unpredictability of some horses’ behavior and the inevitability of the mess they left in the street. Although there were many [...]