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Minnesota Audio Tours on CD and MP3

How our Audio Tours Work

1. Choose a Minnesota audio tour from our catalog
2. Start driving
3. Start your CD or MP3 player
4. Your audio tour will guide you from there – that’s it!

How the Audio Tours Work in More Detail

You'll be kept on time and on course by using mile markers to tell you when to start and stop each audio track on your Minesota Tour. You'll also be told about some of the more interesting side trips you can take that most travelers miss. Your audio tour will allow you to take a relaxing trip along several scenic drives in Minnesota at your own pace. Keep your own time schedule and still have the benefit of a tour guide. Experience Minnesota tourism at its best!

Available in Two Easy to Use Formats

• Compact Disc (CD) Tours of Minnesota
• MP3 Tours of Minnesota (works with all MP3 players)

If you've ever wondered what adventures and historical treasures lay beyond highway exits, Open Road Adventures' MN tours are for you. Whether you're on vacation, a road traveler or just interested in Minnesota adventure and history, our audio tours of scenic drives in Minnesota entertain and educate you about the history and natural wonderment of the area you're driving through.

What Is an Audio Tour Anyway?

An audio tour, sometimes called an audio guide, is a series of stories that you listen to in your car as you drive along a highway. It's just like listening to an audio book, but each story is about where you are driving at that very moment. Think of it as taking a tour guide with you on your drive.

Minnesota tourism is important to our economy, so please enjoy what this great state has to offer and help our economy get back on its feet. 


How It Works - Minnesota Audio Tours
 Choosing the Right Tour For You